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strategic areas of intrest  


Strategic objective 1: Youth Intervention Programs

This objective provides youth mentorship, checking & connecting to encourage school going youth, after school programs for needy families, entrepreneurship training to foster social entrepreneurship ideas in involving youth in socio-economic activities with the goal of deterring them from social vices like drugs, crimes and other anti-social behaviors. This program can be implemented at schools, colleges, and in the community. 



Strategic objective 2: Mental Health Supportive Services

WAYCAN will provide supportive services for youth, women and other vulnerable members of the community including but limited to Independent Living Skills, Parenting & family relationships to reduce cultural barriers, behavioral interventions at schools to reduce communication barriers and other supportive services that are aimed at reducing conflicts in homes, schools and community. This intervention will be provided by Mental Health Practitioners who have profound working experience with Youth, Residential Treatment Facilities, case managements and Behavioral Interventions roles with Schools. WAYCAN can also provide Interpretation and Translation Services for Health & other Mental Health practitioners to ease cultural and Communication Barriers. 



Strategic objective 3: Sustainable Projects through Social Entrepreneurship for Small Scale Businesses.

 This objective target youth and other Business minded members for Refugees and other immigrant communities in providing information related to market information, Financial Management systems, Financial training for youth and other needy individuals, development of fundable Business Plans through capacity building, demonstrations, success stories and exhibition events. This project will be managed and Facilitated by trained Professionals who have the knowledge and expertise in Entrepreneurship and Financial Management. 



Strategic Objective 4: Cultural and Language Proficiency Services

This program is designed to assist in the proactive interaction of different cultures and individuals with limited English proficiency. The program is designed to facilitate and reinforce cultural integration; developing cultural competence that result in an ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people across cultures. WAYCAN views cultural and linguistic appropriate services that are respectful of and responsive to cultural and linguistic needs of the members, providers and stakeholders regardless of race, creed or ethnicity. 

 WAYCAN has trained professionals who have been providing Interpretation and Translation services for schools, Health cares and Social Services Organizations. The team members can provide language services for English, Somali, Swahili and Ethiopian. WAYCAN team members helps families in online applications for government benefit services such as Medical Insurances, SNAP, Day cares, job applications and others.  

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